In the Avatar Program, you won’t just sit and learn, you’ll get to build it and implement it. The core deliverable of the Avatar Program will be your ALP, or Action learning project you’ll get to pitch to some of the industry’s most senior leaders for real capital to be able to implement your work and vision. Each participant will be assigned to a team that will be tasked with solving one of the most pressing energy challenges in the world. The projects in the next Avatar will be

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What is all this talk about a “Hydrogen Economy”? 


Can this abundant molecule really power our transportation sector, heat our homes and smooth out our grid loads? Notably one of the most engaging topics in CleanTech these days – what are your ideas on how to produce, distribute and utilize this fuel?

CCUS & Carbon Markets

Carbon, Carbon, Carbon – it’s all about Carbon.  What are we going to do about it?  How are we going to capture it, move it around, get rid of it, or reuse it?

Methane Emissions

The molecule that is approximately 75X more potent than CO2 over a 20 year time frame!?! 

We better find a way to detect it and manage it – preventing this gas from being released into the atmosphere with no actual benefit to society

Renewable Natural Gas & Biofuels

Using what is left behind and deemed worthless is no longer the case.  Let’s find better, smarter, and more scalable ways to use this form of energy.

Long Duration Storage.jpg

AI/ML and software tech has completely changed how we assess, track and use energy and the data that surrounds it.  We are just getting started.

Long-Duration Storage

We aren’t just talking batteries here Elon.  Creative applications have unlocked numerous methods of using the world’s natural beauty to find ways to ‘store’ energy.


Heat underground....

it's there and it's permanent.  Let’s get at it.


Bitumen Beyond Combustion

Alberta’s almost limitless resource.  Let’s find more ways to use it other than just combusting it

Nature-Based Climate Solutions

We’re not talking just trees here.  Bison in the Arctic Tundra?  You heard it right.  What else?

Energy Advocacy/Policy

The New Energy Future needs everyone pushing in the right direction.  Can industry and participants thru Avatar turn the model on its head whereby we are the ones helping to shape policy and regulation.