Big Challenges. Big Opportunites.

Canada’s First CarbonTech Accelerator

The Avatar Accelerator takes market pulled industry challenges and partners them with customers, capital and solutions to implement in the real world and create business opportunities.


The start-up space for multi-billion-dollar energy firms. Breaking down the barriers of corporate silos, we provide a “safe 3rd space” for collaborative companies to work together through a ground-breaking co-development process to implement new energy projects.

The energy projects of the future will require companies to work together in new ways. The Avatar Accelerator provides that space.

Registration is only open for company sponsored projects. If you or your company has a new energy project that needs some work, let us know here and we’ll be in touch.


Leadership development journey for emerging executives

Innovation Implementation forum

Start up space for large energy firms

Access to specific case workshops

Teams complementary, not competing

operate under nda

Blue and Black Funnel Chart Presentation
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Organizations sponsor a project  aligned with their business needs

Organizations are teamed with industry collaborators capable of solution implementation.

Organizations, teams and IP protected under an NDA. Collaboration and training occurs through webinars, private workshops facilitated by experts, the U of C and Azure training.

Business Case & Solution Development

Pitched to executive sponsors and collaborators for implementation