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CEO & Co-Founder

Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Scientist. Kevin has spent 20 years on the front lines of energy innovation in numerous executive leadership roles in the industry. Starting his career in the energy industry as a roughneck on the oilrigs of Northern Alberta he grew through the ranks until he was Chief Executive of Canada’s oldest drilling company. His accomplishments speak for themselves, championing some of the first fully computerized drilling rigs in the world to the leading the first long-reach horizontal well in the Canadian arctic. Leading a major corporation through the disruption of the Canadian energy industry, Kevin has been an articulate and major champion for unlocking the energy transition solutions inside oil and gas for a better future. A major contributor to the public energy dialogue and public policy framework in Canada, he is uniquely positioned to champion the solutions generated in Avatar. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science from McGill University and a Masters of Business Administration from the Haskayne School of Business and serves on the steering committees of both the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) and the Energy Futures Lab (EFL).

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CFO & Co-Founder

As an accomplished Capital Markets professional, Bryan’s 20 years on Bay Street has seen him lead through many market and investment cycles in energy,  becoming an Executive Director at one of Canada’s largest banks. Given his extensive first-hand experience with Canada’s largest institutional investors, Bryan’s insight into the changing landscape of energy investment makes him one of Canada’s rare energy bankers able to connect the importance of oil and gas with the market driven need to decarbonize. His numerous career accomplishments include establishing a #1 market share position during the vibrant Royalty/Income Trust era, managing a proprietary equity book holding over $100MM in equity positions, and working closely on some of Canada’s most successful IPO’ with dozens of C-Suite Executives. Based in Toronto, Bryan facilitates Avatar Innovations connection with the institutional investors critical to unlocking the massive capital required for the energy transition. Bryan holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the Sprott School of Business and has over a decade of volunteering with the United Way MIG Cabinet.