There is a new energy future.

At Avatar Ventures, we’re going to build it.

It’s long been known that many of the solutions to world’s industries most difficult to decarbonize exist inside oil and gas, yet the access needed to implement and the capital required to scale have long been the limiting factor. That’s why we’ve started Avatar Ventures, where we provide the capital required to launch these start-ups and business plans. Validated by a robust process, sponsored by industry, and funded by us, we provide the full-cycle ecosystem that successful energy innovation demands.


Avatar Ventures has targeted an initial $50M Venture Capital fund that will invest in the technologies developed and commercialized through both Avatar streams, creating a continuous pipeline of commercially validated business proposals for funding by Avatar Ventures. Avatar Ventures’ investment mandate will also consider investments in clean technologies developed outside the Avatar programs, that will be able to compliment and benefit from the entire Avatar Innovations network. 


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